Does Your Kid Suck at Soccer?

Probably...and here's why

They're just kids

Whether 6 or 16, rec or club, serious or seriously disinterested, your child is just that…a child.  Why isn’t she playing in the pros?  Because she’s not ready.  

Best player on her team?  Sorry, there’s someone better. 

Best player at her school? Sorry, there’s someone better. 

Best player in the state?  Sorry, there’s someone better. 

There’s always someone better.

And That's ok

Somewhere along the way, parents lost perspective. 

In our relentless attempt for perfection, we forgot they are just kids. 

Kids that still need to develop, learn, grow, and fail

Our kids have a long way to go before they get that D1 scholarship or play for the varsity team.  In the meantime, let’s approach youth athletics with patience, humor and humbleness.

So what now?

What if parents began to look inward and examine themselves? 

What if parents & coaches focused on creating a positive environment for athletic success?

What if parents began leading by example?

By The Way, My Kids Suck at Soccer Too!


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